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The standout pieces of Supreme NYC's Spring/ Summer collection

6:54 PM

While Supreme NYC has become some sort of a two sided sword over the last few years and the explosion of Hipsters, I still hold the brand in high standards. Even though the undeniable rise in popularity has become a little annoying it isn't their fault for putting out quality pieces season after season.

I do have to say that the sheer amount of product that Supreme is putting out these days is a little overwhelming and certainly causes some pieces that fall off. Therefore I picked out my favorites of this season.

The PLC pieces:
This year's standout design is the use of Peter Saville's cover art for the New Order album "Power, Lies & Corruption" which was released in 1983. Back in the day the stark contrast between the classic floral design and the band's punk music served as a fantastic juxtaposition. I think that even though the floral print is already a little played out, the design is very appealing. Frank Ocean already wore this design to the British Music Awards.
BTW: If anyone gets their hands on the T-Shirt and is willing to sell I'd gladly buy the shirt ;-)

The Dorothy T-Shirt:
This tee shows once again what made Supreme so popular, simple yet effective design. Taking a picture from the original Wizard of OZ movie seems genius since the shoes match the brand's iconic box logo in color.
The Hat collection:
The classic 5-Panel is always one of the more interesting pieces, as they come up with new ideas every single season. I particularly like the paint splatter design and the once again the floral print.

The Army Letterman's Jacket:
I am not that much into Camo-prints but I have been eyeing this jacket since Trinidad James wore it during his performance on Jimmy Kimmel. I love Varsity Jackets and the combination of traditional lettering and camo print works extremely well.

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