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MOLIMU Essentials: Louis Vuitton Groom Collection

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Here in Düsseldorf, it is not very hard to spot Louis Vuitton items on the street. As nearly everywhere in the world, the speedy bag seems to be the number one choice of handbag and the famous monogram is seen on scarfs, wallets and every other accessory you can imagine. While a lot of people think that the brand as well as the designs have somewhat lost their magic because they are so omnipresent, I still look at most of the items with great affection.
Nevertheless, I have to admit that I am particularly fond of the special editions that have become one of the house’s staples under Marc Jacobs. From the fantastic Stephen Sprouse collections to the sought after Murakami pieces, these limited runs have always pushed boundaries and featured some of my favorite pieces.
There was however one collaboration that has always been a standout to me: The Groom collection. These items feature  simple yet extremely appealing designs of a bellboy in a style that is strongly reminiscient of the designs from my favorite cartoonist Hergé.
As a child I was fascinated by the “Tintin” comics and still to this day love the aesthetics and storys. Since Tintin always traveled around the world for adventurs, the combination of LV and the comical style make perfect sense. The choice of the bellboy character is genius to me as it makes for the perfect allusion of what Louis Vuitton stands for in the first place: Travelling the world.
The bellhops  were occupied with welcoming guests at hotels and taking care of their luggage, therefore being quite important for the hotels’ first impression on visitors. As the bellboys were very dependent on the guests tipping money, the often young and witty men had a professional yet special charme to them.
The bellboy design is placed on a two color stripe which varies depending on which accessory you choose. This design I than painted on the traditional Louis Vuitton Monogram leather.
I first saw the design on a friend’s wallet when the collection was originally released in 2006, but at the time didn’t have the money nor the interest in luxury goods that I have evolved today. So finding the authentic pieces  today is a quite diffult task as the internet is flooded with cheap fakes and overpriced resellers.
However, I have been able to score two pieces already with the little coin pouch and the Porte Monnaie Rond, both in impeccable shape. I love how the pieces become better with age as the graphic rubs off here and there giving the accessory the necessary feel of usage.
Last year, Louis Vuitton released  another piece to accompany the accessory range: A key chain with a bellhop. I think that the piece is highly overpriced and therefore won’t try to add it to my little collection, but the video campaign that was created for the release is extremely well done!
Check out some of the clips:

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  1. Great styling! Very interesting. The louis vuitton collection are so damn cute! :-)


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