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Check out this awesome Kickstarter project by Revolights

10:48 PM

Revolights is a Kickstarter project that was able to raise more than $200,000 USD from over 1,400 investors two years ago and has since continued to develope new design and technologies for their incredible bike lightning concept.

Inspired by the stylish "TRON" films, they have created a lighting system that is implemented in the bike's wheels rather than simply on the frame. They have paid attention to one of the most important aspects of any innovation: easy installation! Apparently the wheels are really easy to put on the bike and work right away. They last for four hours and then can be recharged quite easily via a small USB battery.

I think that the wheels look great and they definately stand out on the street which is not only good for style but also a great safety aspect. Now the Revolights team has started a second round of financing on Kickstarter to make international availability possible. Since the pricing on these wheels really isn't bad, I think everyone with a little money on the side should invest ;-)

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