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MOLIMU wanted: Medicom Toys Bearbrick x Daft Punk

12:30 PM

I have always loved Daft Punk’s innovative and funked-out electronic music. Even back in the day, I could not sit still when I listened to any of Thomas Bangalter’s older releases on the “Roulé” label and they are still better than most of the releases that are put out today. But it was certainly his grouping with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo as “Daft Punk” that brought his music to the next level and turned both of them into legends.

In these days, where musical groups come and go on the daily, there aren’t many acts that have such a great following amongst the youth as well as older listeners. This is the result of a superb Marketing strategy that was certainly the brainchild of both musicians and Busy-P who has moved on to start his own label Ed Banger records 10 years ago and was able to recreate some of the Daft Punk phenomenon with other DJ’s such as Justice or Breakbot.

Creating their robot- alter-egos was pure genius and along with incredible live performances that were always inspired and themed by old video games, movies and Science-Fiction, they have turned themselves into ficitional characters as well. The upside of all this Sci_fi hype was that they were able to keep their real personalities pretty lowkey and could avoid a lot of the media struggle that usually come along with musical stardom.

They have also clearly understood the importance of catering to their loyal fanbase even in times when they do not really release a lot of new music. Therefore, they have always been involved in collaborations with different brands and products such as Coca Cola or Nike. One of my favorite projects are the Daft Punk x Bearbricks.

This collaboration with Japanese toy manufacturer Medicom Toys is another proof of how great Daft Punk can market their cool robot-characters. The typical Bearbrick toy has already served as a canvas for many great designs from fashion brands to artists, but the Daft Punk edition is clearly a standout. Each member of the duo has received one Bearbrick that looks exactly like his stylish robot which means that they wear the exact outfit consisting of the legendary helmets and leather jackets.

The mixture of the badass look with gold and silver highlights and the canvas of the childish Bearbrick make for a perfect combination of memorabilia. I have obsessed about these Bearbricks at Toykio here in Düsseldorf numerous times but haven’t been able to collect the money for the 1000% edition yet. That’s the problem with a pack of two, you pay double the price ;-)

But I think that one day, I will have these babies standing in my hallway greeting each visitor that comes in! If not these Bearbricks maybe I will choose one of the other collaborations like the Daft Punk x Silly Thing Bearbrick 1000% that even have the original shape of the helmets.

all photos via: Slam Jam

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