Patta celebrates 10 year anniversary

 It's crazy that Patta has been a staple in Europe's sneaker and streetwear scene for over 10 years now! They definately had their ups and downs that come along with being part of the fast-changing and trend-oriented world of streetwear. While they were able to expand their own clothing line and create amazing sneaker collaborations, they also had their rough times namely closing their store in Amsterdam back in 2012. As they are now back on track and going strong after 10 years in the game, Patta decided to release a little documentary on their philosophy and projects from the past.

Train hard, look good – a new wave of sportswear clothing for men and women

The running and fitness sector has seen a strong comeback over the last few years fueled by great campaigns, innovative new products and new forms of social media. Next to actually doing sports because of your own health, it has seemingly become quite important to let the world know about your performance as well as how you look.  With new technologies like Nike+ or the popular Runtastic Smartphone app people are able to share their achievements with others wether it is for competition or motivational support. 

When you go on Instagram you can get the opininion that for some people it has become more important how you look while doing sports instead of how good your performance is. While I do not  think that anyone should go to the gym caring more about their styling and clothes than the actual sports performance that does not mean that you cannot buy stylish sportswear pieces to look good while doing sports.

Therefore, I have put together a short list of sportswear pieces for men and women that look great and are made out of materials that ease or enhance your athletic performance at the same time.

#WORLDSMOSTFAMOUSCOUPLE - Kim and Kanye on cover of Vogue's April 2014 issue

While Kanye West has always kept a pretty strong connection to fashion royalty like Karl Lagerfeld or Anna Wintour, his soon-to-be wife Kim Kardashian has clearly struggled to become accepted in more prestigious circles. Mostly hailed as a trashy rich-kid without any "real" accomplishments, the elitist fashion crowd has willingly taken her money without really letting her in.

The Hundreds Visit LEGO Artist Nathan Sawaya

On a recent trip to Brussels we visited a nice little exhibition called "The Art of the Brick" by Nathan Sawaya and I was totally blown away by the incredible pieces this man puts together with Lego bricks. Now I stumbled upon this video by Los Angeles based streetwear label "the Hundreds" who have visited the artist in his studio to talk about his work. I can only urge you to take a look at his work as he rebuilds historic pieces as well as creating incredible new creations like his sculptures of human corpses.

Hood By Air Nominated for LVMH’s “Prize for Young Fashion Designers” Award

One of the most talked about showsat this year's New York Fashion Week was certainly the outing from Shayne Oliver’s genre bending Hood by Air. While big name brands like Givenchy have been taking their inspiration from smaller streetwear labels for some time now, Hood by Air represents the opposing  path: starting out as fresh streetwear label amongst other brands like Been Trill or KTZ and now steadily transforming into a fashion brand with runway shows and more sophisticated pieces next to rather simple and bold T-Shirt graphics. 

The perfect symbiosis of comfort, technology and style – the Nike Flyknit Experience

Last year Nike released one of the most exciting new lines of sneakers that I have seen over the last few years – the Nike Flyknit. 
Right from the start the Running community was intrigued by the concept of a lightweight shoe that easily adjusts to the shape of your foot and therefore has the fit of socks while still maintaining stability and durability. 

influencers: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I think it's time for another influencers post and this time I have chosen to write about Mr. Joseph Gorden-Levitt who started his career as a child actor and managed to ttransform himself into one of Hollywood's most stylish actors who is well respected by the indie-film community while making high-profile appearences in big budget blockbuster movies such as "Batman: the Dark Night Rises" or "Inception".