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influencers: Jon Hamm aka Donald Draper

12:46 PM

For this edition of the MOLIMU influencer series I have chosen actor Jon Hamm for his role as Donald Draper in the fantastic TV-series "Mad Men". By now everybody should have heard of the TV-show that perfectly re-enacts the 60's advertisement industry with its particular style and sometimes rowdy behaviour.

Don Draper somewhat portrays an edgy rags-to-riches story in line with other fictional characters such as Jay Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The great Gatsby". As this novel is probably my favorite book ever written, I am clearly intrigued by the successful yet secretive upcomings of both characters.

Being born into extremely bad circumstances, Richard "Dick" Whitman (that's his real name) grew up on a farm with an abusive and alcoholic father. However after his father's death the 20-year old Richard basically runs away when the Korean war breaks out and enlists himself in the army while leaving his siblings abandoned.

During war he is supposed to assist the real Lieutnant Donal Draper in building a field hospital when the commander is accidentally killed by gasoline explosion. In an act of desperation, the injured Dick Whitman switches dog tags with the killed Lieutnant and therefore takes on his personality.

After this illegal act, the uneducated yet extremely smart and witty "Don Draper" is rewarded with the "Purple Heart" a high military decoration and begins his rise to being one of the most influential people on Madison Ave. which would have been impossible otherwise.

His character is so fascinating to me because it has so many layers. There are so many paradox facets to his persona that you simply cannot decide whether to love or to hate the man. For example, Draper is a loving father to his kids while completely denying his own siblings like his younger Adam who eventually commits suicide. In addition to that he clearly is in need of a true relationship based on trust, yet always keeps mutual affairs on the side.While always trying to keep his past a secret, Don Draper is extremely passionate and outspoken about his work. At work he is a leader that everyone looks up to, but when he is alone he often seems exhausted and driven by strong doubts.

One thing that cannot be denied though is his impeccable style. Always dressed in sharp suits and perfectly groomed, Donald Draper has turned into a fashion icon himself. He excerts a special aura of "cool". I believe that the popularity of this TV-Show is very responsible for the current menswear trend because it shows that even though some of its characters aren't as good looking as Donald Draper, they still look pretty dapper in their suits.

After watching an episode of "Mad Men", I always feel a strong urge to dress up sharply and go out for drinks in the evening (preferably "Manhattans" or a "Whisky Sour") which is a rare result to watching a TV-show. Therefore I can only suggest to each and every one of you to start watching this show, it will be a captivating experience!

all photos via tumblr

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3 Kommentare

  1. Was für tolle Bilder, vor allem das letzte. Liebe Don Draper, Jon Hamm, wie auch immer.

  2. Bloganfängerfrage: Kann man solche Bilder von tumblr denn einfach nutzen?

    1. @liebeserklärer: ja von Don Draper gibt es einfach extrem viele super Bilder, eigentlich in jeder Szene der Serie :-D Bzgl. deiner Frage, würde ich sagen, dass die Nutzung von Tumblr Bildern eigentlich schon ok ist, schließlich werden viele der auf Tumblr geposteten Bilder dort nicht von den Originalfotografen gepostet sondern einfach von Privatpersonen, denen die Bilder gefallen.
      Dieses Mal habe ich ja auch einfach auf die Suche nach "Don Draper" verlinkt, bei dem Nick Wooster Artikel habe ich aber auf eine bestimmte tumblr Seite hingewiesen, es kommt also drauf an...


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