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The Great Gatsby - A book that never gets out of style

8:56 PM

I have shown my love for F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece "The Great Gatsby" multiple times on this blog and I can say that it's definately one of my favorite books of all time. In light of the star-boasting movie that is coming to theaters this summer, the story of Jay Gatsby has seen a resurgence in popularity.

Even though it's certainly Fitzgerald's writing and storytelling that make this book a standout piece of literature, the fact that it has inspired many readers' lifestyle and fashion choices is undeniable. Just by watching the trailer for the new movie or the old Robert Redford version, I have the urge to dress up sharply.

Therefore it's no suprise that the book has served as an inspiration for many menswear designers who have even created "Gatsby" collections!
Maison Kitsuné Spring/Summer 2012 - The Gatsby Collection:

Before there was even any real gossip about the new movie, French label "Maison Kitsuné" has shown why it stands for a trendy yet sophisticated look that is always on the pulse of times. Their Gatsby-inspired collection featured many WASPy pieces that were clearly inspired by the classic American Ivy look. They took staples like Polo-Shirts, Chinos and Cashmere Sweaters and gave them a modern twist through colors and prints.

In typical Kitsuné fashion, all pieces have standout quality and a modern silhoutte that creates an extremely appealing look. I would wear every single piece from the collection starting with the luxurious Suits and Hats and going all the way to the simple T-Shirts and Sweaters. Sadly the price point was pretty high and I didn't manage to catch anything on sale.

all pictures via Kitsuné

Brooks Brothers - The Great Gatsby Collection:

While Kitsuné was actually inspired by the book, America's oldest Menswear clothier Brooks Brothers has recently released a collection of garments that were inspired by the new movie. The collection features several suits and great accesories like ties or straw-hats.The overall look is a little more classic than the previously shown pieces, but nevertheless features some incredible pieces. Some of the pieces are kept at a more reasonable pricepoint, while the higher quality items are up there with Kitsuné. A big plus for this collection is the fact that you can still shop it at Brooks Brothers!

all pictures via Brooks Brothers

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