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MOLIMU closet: adidas x Kanye West "Yeezy Boost 350"

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The footwear market went crazy in 2015 with fantastic releases dropping left and right. For me personally, it was a special year where I noticed that my taste shifted away from standard basketball silhouettes towards more innovative concepts and premium materials. Instead of investing into every hyped Jordan release, I got into smaller brands like Hender Scheme or Filling Pieces and developed a new-found love for low-top sneakers.

Thus, I think that the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 was one of the most exciting product drops in a while because it is the perfect marriage between state-of-the-art footwear technology, premium materials and an aesthetically pleasing silhouette. The shoe really sets a new benchmark in terms of wearability and comfort by combining the new Adidas Boost sole with extremely light upper materials. Unfortunately, the limited availability and excessive hype surounding the shoe makes it really tough to get your hands on this beauty.  It really seems like everyone tries to get their hands on a pair of Yeezy boosts these days, leaving most customers extremely frustrated because of crashed websites, dodgy raffles and a lot of wasted energy. I missed out on the first two releases of the Yeezy 350 Boost but got lucky at Mr. Porter for the tonal “Moonrock” colorway, which was my personal favorite.

I already got a lot of wear out of my pair and am already looking forward to summer season when the Yeezy Boost will definitely be a staple in my everyday wardrobe. 
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