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MOLIMU wanted: Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Neon green Scarf

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When it comes to shopping, everyone has these items that they have always been obsessing over but simply couldn’t get their hands on yet, wether for financial reasons or due to limited availability. I am in the unfortunate position of having far too many of these items which can be pretty depressing but also serves as a great motivator. As a result of exaggerated prices and the increasing amount of fakes, the search for sources that still offer these items has become something of a treasure hunt for those in the know. Some of these products were only hyped up designs that did not really stand the test of time and I am very happy that I did not spend any money on them. On the other hand, I have some long-time favorites that have always intrigued me and still excert this special aura of great design mixed with limited numbers. I decided to write about some examples that I will hopefully call my own one day, but as for now can only admire and obsess about on the Internet.

To start things off, I’ve chosen one of my favorite accessories of all time: the Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Pareo scarf.
This collection, is certainly one of the best LV collaborations next to the “Groom” collection and Takashi Murakami pieces. It served as kick-off for an ongoing trend of mixing high end materials and traditional brand legacies with the spirit of young and reckless urban culture. I still remember walking by the Louis Vuitton store in Antwerp during holidays and just being blown away by the store front that featured sprayed on roses all over the windows. It also marks the starting point for the ongoing tradition of collaborating with artists of various genres which was one of the greatest moves of designer Marc Jacobs’ work for Louis Vuitton.

The design featured the handwritten Tag “Louis Vuitton Paris” by New York graffiti legend Stephen Sprouse in bright neon colors and has since been copied by the millions for different pieces of tourist gifts all over the world. These days, nearly every province town has a shop where you can find a bag with the city’s name written in this exact font and neon colors all over it.

However, when the collection came out it was a pretty impressive and bold move to mix the loud and modern lettering with the traditional monogram design that Louis Vuitton is so famously-known for. It’s exactly this mixture of traditional and urban appeal that makes this collection stand out from the masses of LV monogram pieces that you see each day on the street.

While there were multiple pieces with different color-combinations released, it has always been the neon green scarf that was my favorite piece of the collection. While I do not really wear scarfs very often, I do like them when they are oversized and bold. In combination with a subtle black or white T-Shirt and maybe matching sneakers this can be worn as a great combination of high and low pieces.

So far, I have been able to get my hands on the neon green bandana which is a great accessory as well but is pretty hard to put into my outfits for me (it is also the one pictured in the first picture of this post). Since I don’t wear it around my neck because it looks too much like Pharrell in the “Mr. Me Too” video and I do not really wear it around my wrist or in my backpocket, I do not really have a lot of options for it because it is simply too small for me. Therefore, the next stage would be the big scarf and I have been searching for it for quite some time. So far, I have tried it a couple times on ebay but was not able to win the auctions for reasonable prices yet. I am sure, however, that I will be getting my hands on it at one point and will definitely write a post about it when time has come.

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  1. I wanna own one set of that! Perfect for office, if you wanna be different haha. cool louis vuitton :)


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