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Trailer: Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street" featuring DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and McConaughey

9:45 AM

After a brief hiatus with college applications and 3 weeks of no Internet connection due to a broken WiFi rooter, MOLIMU should be back on track now! While I wasn’t able to post, a lot has happened and there is a lot of catching up to do, so I will just dive right in!

Yesterday, the trailer was released for Martin Scorsese’s new movie “The wolf of Wall Street” which features an incredible cast and a great story about corruption, money and abundance. I have always been a fan of this theme and just recently watched a lot of good movies like Margin Call, Arbitrage or the Great Gatsby.

Like the latter, this one features Leonardo DiCaprio as the main character who is indulging in a fast paced and reckless lifestyle that will eventually get him into both legal and personal troubles. Since DiCaprio will certainly deliver an outstanding performance as always, I am even more excited about the co-stars namely Matthew McConaughey and Jonah Hill. Both of them have recently picked more ambitious roles that show a departure from their beginnings as comedic/action actors.
The trailer’s atmosphere is underlined by a great choice of title song: Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” which perfectly underlines the high energy cuts and story.
Be sure to watch this one when it hits theatres!

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