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influencers: Ryan Gosling

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For this part of my „influencers“-series I have chosen an actor that is currently on quite the hot-streak and will probably cause a stir in female readers on MOLIMU as everyone seems to be in love with this guy: Ryan Gosling.

While I also think that he is a great actor and cool dude, I think that his choice of movies and roles is what makes him really good. He has covered such a vast variety of roles in his career already and has always been able to put his own touch to the character. Wether it was Popcorn-cinema like “The Ides of March”, “the Notebook” and “Half Nelson” or some of the tougher parts like “All Beauty Must Die”, “Inside a Skinhead” or the already classic movie “Drive”, he has always been able to portray characters that capture the audience with gestures and behavior rather than simply having good lines.

Nevertheless, many of his roles have some sort of underlying darkness that contradict the façade of his looks which always seem funny and well-mannered. However when you look back at his past, you can clearly see the origins of his great ability to portray these two –faced characters. For example, he was taken out of elementary school due to constant bullying by his classmates and never really fit in as a child. After his family moved, he started attending High-School and apparently made quite the impression as his nickname was ”Trouble”.

In 1993, at the tender age of 13, he beat out 17000 applicants for his place on the all so popular Mickey Mouse Club and was cast along many popular members such as Justin Timberlake for example. However, the funny and exciting job at Disney was quite contradictive to his real life as he was the only source of income for his family with whom he lived in a trailer-park nearby the studio.

Even though, he was apparently asked to become a member of the “Backstreet Boys” (the part went to Nick Carter instead ;) ) his career did not go down the typical MMC-path like it did for Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. Instead of striving for a musical career, he focused more on his acting skills and took on demanding roles at an early age.

His breakthrough movie became “Half Nelson” which earned him the first Grammy nomination for a Canadian actor in the last 70 years. Since then he has starred in the aforementioned movies among many others.

Right now he is in the headlines for deciding to take some time off as he has become unhappy with the amount of acting roles and media attention that he has received in the last couple years. This also shows quite the interesting part of his persona, he is completely self-aware of his abilities and knows what he wants. I think this is an incredible characteristic because otherwise it is too easy to get completely absorbed by work and commitments without taking care of yourself.

Therefore he will probably focus a little less on acting and a little more on his indie rock band called “Dead Man’s Bones” as well as travelling and enjoying life with his close circle of friends and new girlfriend Eva Mendes.

all photos via: http://fuckyeah-ryangosling.tumblr.com/ and http://fuckyeahryanandjake.tumblr.com/

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