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Are Skateboards the new Canvas for the Art scene?

1:08 PM

 I have been involved with skate-culture for over a decade now and even though I have never brought my skateboard over to Düsseldorf, I still jump on it every time I'm home. The scene has changed quite a bit over the years and with a much more commercial appeal, the board graphics are just about big names these days. I think that many companies do not necessarily focus on interesting and individual designs any more but strive for team series that are easier to design and usually consist of a font and some sort of cartoon character. On the other hand, the skateboard has become a canvas for modern artists who take the concept of these series and spread their art over multiple boards.

 Supreme NYC Artist Boards

Supreme NYC was certainly a pioneer for this trend and their artist collaborations on skateboards have turned into sought after art pieces. The designs by big names such as Damien Hirst, Takashi Murakami or Jeff Koons have a modern appeal to them and therefore has both art collectors as well as young skaters going crazy! I think that the George Condo series is one of my favorites, but you can check out the archive over at Supreme.

pictures via 032c
Henry Leutwylers Ballet Skate Decks

I just stumbled upon some new Skate Decks by artist Henry Leutwylers that are absolutely amazing! They feature the feet of a ballet dancer, one board with ballerinas and one board with her bare foot. The connection between the two sports Skateboarding and Ballet might seems odd at first but both have some pretty striking similarities. You need to try over and over again until you get the move right, you fall over and over again, you try to practice until it becomes aesthetically appealing and it involves a lot of pain.  I would definately hang these up in my apartement!

pictures via Henry Leutwyler

Haroshi Skateboard Art

The Japanese artist Haroshi has become famous for producing incredible sculptures out of recycled Skateboards by placing them like a wooden mosaic. As every skater knows, boards are made out of different layers of wood and the structures differentiate from brand to brand. Therefore Haroshi can place different boards on top of each other to create effects in color and structure! The sculptures are then cut, shaven, and polished to create a clean look. This technique is actually used for creating 90% of Japanese Buddha statues as well so there is your connection to old traditions. The pieces have become really sought after and look absolutely amazing!

all pictures via Haroshi

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