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Stephen Cheetham Sneaker Box Illustrations

12:52 PM

At one point of their obsession every sneakerhead faces the problem of having too many boxes and not enough space. Therefore, most sneaker collectors have at least one wall of different shoe boxes set up in their apartement or house which presents a nice facet of collecting sneakers: the different styles and designs of sneaker boxes. Particularly limited releases often get boxes that enhance the product experience and have thoughtful design elements that go along with the shoe.

To give you a little overview of how these "sneaker walls" can look, artist Stephen Cheetham has put together a nice little series of prints that illustrates the differences in shoe box designs between different brands as well as different eras. The series features boxes from Nike, Adidas, Vans and Converse.

He has also created a nice series on different eras of Nike sneakers that you can check out here.

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