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Train hard, look good – a new wave of sportswear clothing for men and women

12:16 PM

The running and fitness sector has seen a strong comeback over the last few years fueled by great campaigns, innovative new products and new forms of social media. Next to actually doing sports because of your own health, it has seemingly become quite important to let the world know about your performance as well as how you look.  With new technologies like Nike+ or the popular Runtastic Smartphone app people are able to share their achievements with others wether it is for competition or motivational support. 

When you go on Instagram you can get the opininion that for some people it has become more important how you look while doing sports instead of how good your performance is. While I do not  think that anyone should go to the gym caring more about their styling and clothes than the actual sports performance that does not mean that you cannot buy stylish sportswear pieces to look good while doing sports.

Therefore, I have put together a short list of sportswear pieces for men and women that look great and are made out of materials that ease or enhance your athletic performance at the same time.

UNDFTD Technical Collection

I think that most sportswear collections for men still focus on very subtle color schemes and designs. With their new Technical Collection UNDFTD has taken a step into a more fashionable direction by offering on-trend camo-print pieces. Since more and more men wear their compression shirt as the actual sports shirt instead of an undergarment, this collection gives you the choice of wearing louder designs that exhibit a strong fashion-mentality.

NIKE x UNDERCOVER Gyakusou Collection

The collaborative Gyakusou collection by Nike and Jun Takashi's Japanese cult label Undercover, has released incredible sportswear for a few seasons now. The pieces always combine smart cuts and technical elements with simple yet stylish designs. Especially the current spring/summer 2014 collection features impressive colour transitions as well as top-notch technical addition like the NIKE Sweat Map ventilation system that maps changes in body temperature to give you perfect ventilation.

Adidas by Stella McCartney

The Adidas by Stella McCartney line has been a pretty big success over the last few years as it combines fashionable pieces with sportswear functionality. The womens pieces feature great cuts and colours that make you look stylish while working out. I also really like the combination of oversized ponchos with tights from the new lookbook.

Nike Women's Sportswear Collection

Next to the aforementioned Gyakusou collection, I have always loved  NIKE's sportswear collection for women. Offering a wide range of tights with stylish prints and nice tank top shirts, the collection gives girls an easy way to look cool while working out. In addition to the sportswear pieces, NIKE has also focused a lot of their marketing efforts on their female clientele by initiating great events like the "We own the Night run" in Berlin that lets girls explore running in an easy going and fun way.

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