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influencers: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

2:46 PM

I think it's time for another influencers post and this time I have chosen to write about Mr. Joseph Gorden-Levitt who started his career as a child actor and managed to ttransform himself into one of Hollywood's most stylish actors who is well respected by the indie-film community while making high-profile appearences in big budget blockbuster movies such as "Batman: the Dark Night Rises" or "Inception".

He started out as the long haired nerdy kid on the US TV show "3rd Rock from the Sun" and has always kept the charme of being somewhat of an underdog. Nevertheless he has never shied away from taking on challenging parts in movies like "Manic", "Mysterious Skin" or the soon to be released "Don Jon".

I always liked JGL for his charismatic persona and how he manages to always look extremely well dressed in sharp suits with a witty smile on his face. Amongst the bulk of young Hollywood actors he certainly belongs to a small group of men that know how to be a gentlemen. His personality seems to be very kind, well mannered and funny a great combination that everyone should strive for. He did not get caught up in any teenage actor life crisis but rather went to Columbia College where he studied history, literature, and French poetry.

The multi-faceted Gordon-Levitt also exceeds in other creative fields and has released multiple songs and even included some musical work in the cult indie movie "500 Days of Summer" where he stars among his dear friend Zooey Deschanel. Right now it seems like he is also branching out into directing and producing movies.

I think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a great example of how you can be well respected and great at what you do while staying humble and always down to earth. This expresses real confidence and is much more impressive than showing off in front of tothers because you are getting carried away with your own successes.

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