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10:34 PM

"New year, new Look", that's how we keep it at MOLIMU.

After the original Header has been in use for quite a while now, I decided to refresh the page a little to shake things up. As you can see the new header features a self-drawn portrait of myself as well as some of parts of the original design.

Other than that, I have been trying to get much more involved with Social Media Outlets. Therefore I added a little slideshow of my Instagram account and my Twitter Feed. Please get involved and give me feedback as well as comments on these outlets as well!

Add me on Instagram ( @seattlenik ) and on Twitter as well ( @_molimu ), I think these new ways of communication make it much more easier to get involved for everyone.

I have also been constantly adding new columns to the blog such as "MOLIMU Influencers" or "MOLIMU essentials", I think these posts give a much more personal insight into what shapes my perception of style and fashion. 

Have fun with the photos, Tweets and posts!

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3 Kommentare

  1. Was mit der Music-Top-XX? ;-)

  2. Die Instagramm slideshow funzt net ...

  3. Thx,die Slideshow habe ich repariert und die Music Top 10 kann ich auch wieder anfangen nur leider kann man in Deutschland ja nicht mehr einfach Youtube Videos posten wegen der GEMA. Deswegen macht die Suche nach irgendwelchen Playern das Erstellen der Listen echt umständlich :-/ Ich werde mich bald aber wieder regelmäßig dransetzen!


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